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One size does not fit all. Resume templates and boilerplate language no longer work when you are competing against the best of the best.

Through trial and error over the past decade, our coaches have mastered the art of working backwards from your dream role to tailor your resume, Linkedin, and networking messages. Our tailored resume, Linkedin, and interview preparation packages ensure you show the very best version of yourself.


Throughout our journey, we discovered there are no hard and fast rules to the game of career and life planning. So we started The Chatty Lad to impart what we learned the hard way by sharing these tidbits the easier way.

The blueprint to success in the corporate world often means speaking up in a certain way and volume, and acting and looking a certain way. Often dubbed as a form of 'rule for success' in the workplace, but the hard truth is that this blueprint does not work for everyone. Here is another hard truth: it really should not be the blueprint that works for everyone.


If you are understated by culture, personality, gender, race, or industry, we are your advocates.


OUR PHILOSOPHY is that standard templates and rules do not work for everyone, and with a tailored and strategic approach, we can all lead successful careers while staying true to our unique selves.

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