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The Chatty Lad 
1. Experienced team of tech career coaches with backgrounds in finance, engineering, and data
2. Passionate and chatty folks keen on helping you take your career to the next level


Throughout our journey, we discovered there are no hard and fast rules to the game of career and life planning. So we started The Chatty Lad to impart what we learned the hard way by sharing these tidbits the easier way.

Our Philosophy

The blueprint to success in the corporate world often means speaking up in a certain way and volume, and acting and looking a certain way. The hard truth is that this blueprint does not work for everyone, and it shouldn't. 


If you are understated by culture, personality, gender, race, or industry, we are your career advocates. With a tailored and strategic approach, we can all stand out from the crowd and create a career we love. 

Our philosophy is that anyone can succeed in the workplace by staying true to themselves while being strategic and of course, unapologetically you.

Coaching Expertise


Refining your public voice to convey your full potential in language relevant to your competitive landscape


Research preparation to help you curate your resume to the company and role, and go into each conversation prepared,


 Interview preparation to help you convey your value and fullest potential


Digitally oriented with a focus on helping you build the best version of yourself online, leaving positive digital footprints, and building strong relationships in your network in the digital age

Whether you're understated by culture, personality, or practicality, we'll go on a voyage to refine your inner voice and communicate it authentically.

- The Chatty Lad





Experienced in being the bridge between technical and non-technical teams in high growth tech orgs, Tiffany's spent her career on strategic finance projects in FAANG (now MAANG), Fortune 500, and tech start-up's.

Not a stranger to being the minority in the room, Tiffany's focus is on candidates fighting imposter syndrome. Known to colleagues and friends as 'not chatty', she becomes a loud advocate when it comes to ensuring people from all backgrounds, identities, and walks of life get an equal chance at succeeding. Whether blocked by age, culture, background, identity, or gender, she is keen on helping non-traditional candidates succeed in their careers.




Jeffrey’s experience spans across Silicon Valley tech, stock exchanges,  public sector, and start-up's. He specializes in data strategy consulting and program management. Most recently, he has been leading data infrastructure and governance at a software company in Silicon Valley.


Having been on both sides of the hiring table, Jeffrey has an ardent passion in mentorship and developing potential. He co-founded The Chatty Lad in 2021, with the goal of providing a roadmap to success for career changers ambitious in entering the data and tech world.


Full team bios coming soon.. !

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